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Taking a Look Into The Shutting Down Of Google Cameos

A while ago, Google launched a new application or service known as Cameos. The idea behind the application was that it would allow famous figures and celebrities to answer popular questions from fans in a video format. Initially, it seemed like the idea had a lot of potentials, just like Reddit’s AMA. 

But now it looks like it was a bust as Google recently announced that they had shut down Cameos on 17th February 2022. They sent out an email to all the users, informing them their content would exist only until the 17th March 2022. 

But what made Google take this unfortunate step?

What May Have Caused The Shutting Down Of Google Cameos? 

To understand the fall of Google Cameo, you first need to learn more about the app. So, what is Google Cameo? Cameos on Google was first launched in August 2018 on Apple Play Store and then in October 2019 on the Google Play Store. 

The app gave celebrities access to answer questions from fans directly and avoid the spread of misinformation. It was an invitation-only video-based Q&A app, and it let people record and share videos. Celebrities had complete control over what questions they answered and how. 

Requirements To Get Invited To Google Cameos 

Many assume that one of the reasons Cameos failed is its all-exclusive nature. Google had control over who they invited to the application. Certain factors included popularity and influence, having a Google knowledge panel, and popular questions asked about you online regularly. 

All these requirements prevented the service from becoming a loved sharing platform. While the app had some of the world’s biggest celebrities answering questions, it had barely even a thousand users. According to reports, the application had only over 50,000 downloads on the Play Store. 

The Lack Of Marketing 

Apart from the all-more exclusive celebrity club nature, the lack of marketing also seemed to have pushed the app's downfall. Google did not seem to care about the marketing for Google Cameos hard enough. Most people are unaware of the app and don’t bother to click on those short videos under the knowledge panel. 

While people may care more about personalized opinions, it has more value when it’s coming from someone more relatable. And Cameos of Google may have failed right there. People did not always find their favorite influencer on the app. It didn’t allow them to record their opinions, just like their favorite celebrities. 

When you compare Google Cameos with other top social media applications, they may seem much more convenient to you. You don’t have to fulfill specific requirements to be on the app. And again, you are well aware of those popular video apps. You see them advertising everywhere when you didn’t even know about Cameos until the news broke out. 

The shutting down of Google Cameos showed us the significance of digital marketing. And also, how people prefer realistic and inclusive service more. If you want to discuss more digital marketing, feel free to reach us or leave a reply. We would love to hear from you.