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Google Faces Big Regulation - Here’s What It Means For You!

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, whose company constantly faces an antitrust investigation, is concerned about tech regulation. “I worry that if you regulate for the sake of regulating it, it has a lot of unintended consequences,” Pichai said in an interview on CNN. He continues, “You know, if you take a technology like artificial intelligence, it will have implications for our national security and ... for, you know, other important areas of society.”


Google is sending out emails to businesses, using strategies to scare them that the new legislation can harm their company. After passing legislative bills, the changes to deficit customer attraction hurt productivity and waste time and money. In reality, the legislation is designed to protect businesses from Big Tech companies like Google. 

Why Is Google Concerned About Being Regulated?

Businesses, students, even regular people use Google so consistently that Merriam-Webster now considers the term a verb. But, that might not end up being a good thing.

Google got sued in October 2020 over by the Department of Justice and 11 state attorneys general over antitrust concerns. Google’s anti-competitive tactics have been filed for two lawsuits from state coalitions and Texas. 

So, what does the lawsuit claim? It says Google has monopolized search advertising, making it harder for other companies to establish their business. According to regulators, the most substantial evidence is how Google pays billions to Apple each year. Google is the default search engine on Apple products. 

The lawsuits also claim that Google favors its services, making it harder for other search engines, like travel search sites, to appear. 

If passed, these bills can create hindrance in digital tools you can trust every day. It includes Google Ads, analytics, Gmail, Docs, and your business listing on Google Search and Maps. The company has already settled one antivirus lawsuit in France after paying $270 million in fines. After negotiation, they have agreed to some business practices that include making its advertising system work more easily with other services. 

So, how do you see why Google’s trying to scare the small businesses? They are deliberately trying to scare away small businesses. Would it be wrong if Google Maps, Android, Google Advertising, and Google Search were separate companies? What’s the worst thing that can happen? Nothing! When we go to Google, we will click through to a local business website to get a phone number, directions, or contact them directly. And, Google DOESN’T want this!

In A Nutshell 

Google is a multinational company and the biggest competitor compared to others. If Google separates and decides to operate as separate businesses, and gets regulated, it will benefit small businesses. Consumers will still use search engines or go online to choose local businesses near them. THAT’S not going to stop, and honestly, it will not harm anyone out there. Even if the company gets sacked by the judiciary council, people will soon forget about them. There will be another source for local map data, another search engine that will benefit the users.